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HomeKit 【蘋果認證 免耗材】智能空氣淨化器 - 雙系統版 (支持Apple HomeKit /Google Home) FHH106

HomeKit 【蘋果認證 免耗材】智能空氣淨化器 - 雙系統版 (支持Apple HomeKit /Google Home) FHH106

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Smart air washing and purifying principle
Indoor dirty air can be sucked into Opro9 Smart Air Purifier through the
fans based on the air washing and purifying principle. By controlling the
relatively rotating water curtain and its convection, the air is cut, rotated,
and brought into the water, which prolongs the contact time and contact
area of the air and the water; therefore, dust will adhere to the water, and
harmful water-soluble substances in the air will be fully dissolved in the
water, and washed and purified air will be produced. This has significantly
improved the effectiveness of air purification; air washing and purifying
can also increase the humidity of the air.

Quick Connection
1. Make sure your phone (iOS & Android devices) is connected to a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
network in your home.
2. Download and open free Opro9 Home app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
3. Please click the "+" on the top right corner of the APP to add devices into Opro9 Home
APP. Turn on the camera on your smartphone and point at the sticker on the Instruction
Manual (Setup code for iOS user and Pin code for Android user) then the setup code or Pin
code will be identified and filled in automatically. You can also enter the setup code of the
device manually.
4. If you're Android user, please choose your own Wi-Fi network from "Home LAN WiFi" and
enter the Wi-Fi password then click "Set up accessing net" to join the device to your home
network. Choose the device name in "Unbinding Device" and click "Binding" to bind the
device to your personal account.
5. If you want to add more device, you can press “+” to choose the new devices to be
added. Please make sure to update the firmware of device to latest version before usage to
have best user experience.
6. For more information, please visit


■Apple Homekit / Google Home 授權認證,支持iOS/安卓裝置
■內建空氣質量偵測: 紅(極差)、橙(差)、黃(中)、綠(良)及藍(優)
■內建三段式燈光控制: 全亮、半亮和呼吸燈
■內建三段式風速調節: 強風 弱風 微風
■內建五段式定時選擇: 智能、連續運轉、2、8、12小時

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Gan mini 65W

USB C 3.1 / PD Charge:input-65W(Max)
Support device:Devices that support USB Type C

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